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  • Low Cost, No Cost Marketing & Business Class

    Feeling overwhelmed with marketing? Not sure about business details, like insurance? This 6 hour class on June 11th is an energizing boost of ideas to help you with low-cost or no-cost promotions, tips and tricks. Marketing representatives, plus other small business experts will offer what you need to know to increase awareness about your business and boost your income. Learn from others who’ve been successful in this informal but very informative class.

    You’ll gain a better understanding of how to build your business with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media options. You’ll get ideas for low to no cost marketing. You’ll develop a plan to promote your business, and increase your bottom line.

    You’ll also learn more about risk and insurance, what kinds of insurance you need and how much. Options for insurance coverage will be available. Protect yourself and your business with this information.

    June 11th, 10 AM to 3 PM

    Low-Cost, No-Cost Marketing & Business

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    Low Cost, No Cost Marketing & Business Class
  • Register to Save Your Spot: 90 Hour Master/Medical Esthetics Program


    Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics Institute is NCEA COA approved for 90 CE’s, providing advanced hands-on training and education for licensed estheticians and nurses.

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    Register to Save Your Spot: 90 Hour Master/Medical Esthetics Program
  • Esthetician Laws are Changing…Don’t Lose Out!

    Estheticians were once the lowly Cinderella in the cosmetic world, shunted to the back of the cosmetology school that was focused on teaching hair and nails.  Technology advances in both equipment and products as well as consumer demand for anti-aging benefits have moved esthetics from the world of MaryKay and Avon and into the world of cosmeceuticals and lasers.

    State regulations are scrambling to keep up with these changes in order to protect the consumer from injuries that can be long lasting, disfiguring and sometimes permanent. Educational requirements for estheticians have changed in Washington and are in the midst of change for Oregon.

    Washington has implemented a two tiered licensing system. New educational requirements go into effect on January 1, 2015. Basic esthetician licensure will go from 600 hours of training to 750 hours of training. A new Master Esthetician license will require 1200 hours of training. Only Master Estheticians will be able to operate lasers and other medical equipment, including new emerging technology like ultrasound and radio-frequency.

    If you are already an esthetician and you want to grandfather-in to the new Master Esthetics license, you need to do it quickly! DON’T MISS OUT! If you don’t get grandfathered-in by the end of 2014, you will have to take 450 MORE hours of schooling to get your Master Esthetics license!

    You have several options to get grandfathered-in:

    1. Show proof that you have already worked 150 hours performing laser treatments and 35 hours performing medium depth chemical peel treatments.

    2. Take 75 hours of laser training and 7 hours of chemical peel training.

    3. Become NCEA CERTIFIED.

    The state of Oregon has organized a task force that will work over the summer of 2014 to determine what the scope of practice should be for estheticians in Oregon to operate lasers. This task force will make its recommendations to the Board of Cosmetology at an October meeting with the intent of implementation in January 2015. Mary at Spectrum is on this state task force along with other diverse professionals, including business owners, physicians, nurses and estheticians.

    We’ve got classes and information to continue your professional growth. Stay informed so you don’t lose out.


    Esthetician Laws are Changing…Don’t Lose Out!

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