Medical Spa Policy & Procedures

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I’ve fielded a lot of calls from people wondering what they need to do to be compliant. What happens if an inspector shows up at their door? Are they ready? You need to demonstrate that you’re trained and qualified to perform treatments on your clients. You need to show you have consumer safety in the forefront of everything you do. If you operate a laser or IPL device, you need to have a designated Laser Safety Officer in your office with a Laser Safety Policy. You need an SDS policy. You need a Quality Assurance Program. You need a Confidentiality Policy. And you need written procedures on every treatment you perform. You also need the manufacturer’s operating manual on any equipment.

ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, is an organization that determines national standards on equipment. They have standards for operating a laser. Those standards include a designated Laser Safety Officer in each office, clinic or facility that uses a laser on a human being or animal. (Yes, even vets have to comply!) The Laser Safety Officer can be anyone in the office, but that person has a HUGE responsibility. The LSO is responsible for the Laser Safety Program, making sure everyone who operates the laser is using it correctly, making sure the laser is in tip-top condition, calibrated and firing correctly, making sure the laser operators and clients are protected from potential laser injuries and making sure if a laser injury does occur, that it is seen and treated within 48 hours. An annual laser safety audit and staff laser training is required.

SDS stands for Safety Data Sheets. All manufacturers of potentially harmful products are required to give MSDS sheets to their customers. MSDS sheets provide the information about what the product is made of and what to do if it is spilled or ingested. MSDS sheets are best kept in a binder in a known location in the office. We train for aesthetics.

A Quality Assurance Plan shows the inspectors that you are working to maintain a safe environment. Any laser injuries are documented and followed up on by the office administration or owners. Repeat injuries may indicate a laser technician needs more training or may indicate the laser needs calibration.

Confidentiality is essential to gain the trust of the clients we are here to serve. A written confidentiality policy that is reviewed at least annually indicates that you recognize that importance.

Written protocols as well as an initial medical history intake form and consent forms are another important step to meeting state regulations and demonstrate your professionalism to your clients.

We’ve developed a written policy and procedure handbook that contains the information you need to have on hand for your employees to reference as well as comply with ANSI standards and meet new regulations for an agreement with a medical professional.

You will add your office’s information in an easy fill-in-the-blank format.

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Medical Spa Policy and Procedure Manual

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