A chemical peel can be one of the most effective professional skin care treatments for improving many skin conditions. Pore size can be reduced, fine lines can be diminished, texture can be softened, acne breakouts can be controlled and a more youthful looking appearance results.

Learn the basics of chemical peels, pH and percentages, molecule size, best prep and application techniques, as well as managing post treatment care for your clients. Oregon has very specific rules on chemical peels for estheticians and its an area that is often not covered well in basic esthetic school.

Our class will give you confidence to select the appropriate peel for your client’s skin, teach prep and application techniques, chemical peel science, as well as give you appropriate consent forms, treatment protocols and post care instructions. You will watch a peel demonstration.

Be prepared to give and receive a peel in this interactive class.

Dermaplaning is another exfoliation technique that uses a fine blade to remove the uppermost layers of the stratum corneum, revealing vibrant, healthier skin. Learn the basics of dermaplaning, get treatment forms, consent forms and protocols, as well as a dermaplaning kit so you can get right to work after the class.

Friday, April 13th: 10 AM to 3:00 PM (Models arrive at noon): $450

Friday, June 29th: 10 AM to 3:00 PM (Models arrive at noon): $450

For questions or registration please contact us at 503-719-2688, info@spectrumlasertraining.com, or complete the Student Contact form.